1971 Postal Strike

Local Mail Stamps of the British Levant

Control Numbers on British  Stamps



November 15

Nine members attended this meeting. The Letter 'C'. Ivan Dickason showed Cook Is, Cayman Is, Cyprus and Canada. Robert Gathergood put up Communist E. Germany. Tony Stanford displayed the Army in Crimea. Tony Lyford showed Cigarette cards of rare stamps. Mike Caulfield showed Polish C's including Chopin and Copernicus. Eddie Spicer displayed Catapult Mail. Tony Stanford then put up Constantinople British Army Covers of 1918 - 23. Tony Simmonds finished with Cameroun 1960-67.

November 1

Sevices. Mike Caulfield showed Polish Postal Services. Eddie Spicer showed Famous Americans. Tony Simmonds displayed Field Post Offices in WWII.

October 18

Kings and Queens. Tony Stanford showed  Kuwait and Bahrain GVI & QEII. Tony Lyford showed King and Queens of Denmark. Mike Caulfield showed Polish Royalty. Tony Simmonds showed the Barbuda set of the Kings and Queens of England plus the Nigerias QV, EVII, GV, GVI and QEII stamps.

October 4

Four members showed their favourite countries.

September 20

Views and landscapes. Rex Dixon was first with Germany Winter Relief Autobahn construction and bridges. Eddie Spicer showed US Earthscapes and Cloudscapes etc. Mike Caulfield showed views of Poland and Tony Simmonds put up some Chinese and Mexican views.

September 6

There were four members present at this meeting which was Famous People and Personalities. Tony Stanford Showed Baden Powell and his involement in Mafeking and the founding of The Boy Scout movement. Eddie Spicer showed USA sheetlets of 'Legends of Hollywood' and Tony Simmonds showed famous people from China, Mexico and Nigeria.

August 16

Four members attended this meeting with the subject being Buildings. Rex Dixon did the building definitives of Germany. Mike Caulfield showed some Polish buildings from 1940. Tony Lyford offered us postcards of all sorts of buildings of Demark and Tony Simmonds showed buildings of Nigeria and China (including a series of The Great Wall of China).

August 2

Subject 'If it's blue it'll do'. Tony Lyford showed Danish postcards and Christmas Seals. Eddie Spicer put up US airmails. Ivan Dickason had various blocks of stamps from India, NZ and GB. Tony Stanford showed his GVI Silver Wedding Overprints. Rex Dixon came up with Germany Grand Prix and Derby Week. Mike Caulfield showed Poland 1948-53 and Tony Simmonds displayed GB Blue Phosphor stamps, 5c Mexican Postal Cards and Nigerian Formular and Imprinted Airletters.

July 19

There were 5 members at this meeting with the subject 'Transportation'. Mike Caulfield was first with Polish transport of many sorts. Eddie Spicer showed USA coil stamps of the 'Transportation' series. Tony Simmonds showed Everything from camels to dug-out canoes. After the break Rex Dixon showed German Postbus Postcards and finally Tony Lyford displayed Transport postcards of Denmark.

July 5

Four members attended this meeting with the subject being 'Anything That Flies'.

June 21

Seven members showed for this meeting. Flora and Fauna was the subject and Mike Caulfield started with Poland F & F followed by Tony Stanford with GB Coronation Overprints. Robert Gathergood then put up his display of various countries showing the subjects. Eddie Spicer showed USA F & F and Tony Simmonds showed another selection of various countries.

June 14

Only Mike Caulfield and Tony Simmonds were available for this meeting in which Tony showed a selection of Cookham postcards.

June 7

Seven member were there. The Letter 'B'. Mike Caulfield showed Poland Bees and Butterflies. Don Else showed British Empire Exhibition Covers. Tony Lyford displayed Denmark Bridges. Eddie Spicer put up Famous Americans (B) and Tony Simmonds showed subjects from Batum to Brazil.

May 25

Zoom meeting attended by 4 members.

Rex Dixon showed German Postal Cards and Tony Simmonds showed some Boy Scout Covers.

May 17

Nine member attended this meeting which was an AGM. Reports were given by the Chairman and Secretary Tony Simmonds, Packet Secretary Mike Caulfield and Treasurer Eddie Spicer. It was decided to amalgamate the packet funds with the main society account because of banking difficulties. All officers were re-elected. After Tea and coffee a small auction was held.

May 11

Zoom meeting held with 3 members present. Tony Simmonds showed Constantinople Postcards and Tony Stanford showed Qatar Mail.

May 3

7 members attended this meeting which was an open competition. Third was Eddie Spicer with 'Jusqu'a Markings on the Airmails of Colombia 1930-1954'. Second was Robert Gathergood with 'GB Posted After Markings' and first was Tony Stanford with 'GB Official Perfins for the Stationery Office.

April 27

Zoom meeting attended by 6 members. Tony Stanford showed unoverprinted GB stamps used in Morocco Agencies and Rex Dixon Showed Germany Postage Due with reasons for the penalty.

April 19

Eight members attended this meeting in White Waltham - the subject being Postcards. Eddie Spicer first showed some Japanese Postcards followed by Robert Gathergood with some Exhibitions. Tony Stanford showed Stamps Overprinted for Inland Revenue Use. Rex Dixon displayed German Postal Stationery Postcards from Stamp Exhibitions and Congresses. Finally Tony Simmonds put up 4 frames of Nigerian Postcards from about 1900 to 1990.

April 13

Zoom meeting with 5 members present. Tony Stanford displayed a selection of Gold Coast Colony Registration Envelopes followed by Tony Simmonds with a selection of various interesting covers from Nigeria etc.

April 5

This Thematic meeting at White Waltham was attended by seven members. Eddie Spicer showed George Washington. Ivan Dickason showed 'Centuries'. Tony Lyford Showed Hans Christian Anderson followed by Tea, coffee and biscuits. Mike Caulfield showed 4 frames of The Invasion Of Poland 1939-45 and Tony Simmonds finished with Boy Scouts.

March 23

Three members attended this Zoom meeting and Tony Simmonds displayed a selection of Nigerian Metre Mark Covers.

March 15

This meeting was attended by 8 members. The letter A. Rex Dixon started with Ukraine and Poland (topical) followed by Tony Stanford with Army Posts in the Anglo-Boer war. Mike Caulfield followed with Australia GVI. Tony Lyford showed Denmark airmail stamps and covers and Tony Simmonds finished with Artwork, Airmails, Aerorammes, African Tourism, Ascension, Austrian Levant, Active Service and Alexandria B01 cancels.

March 9

This was a Zoom meeting with seven members in attendance. Nigel Vicker was first up with The Marquess of Bath followed by Rex Dixon with a short display of German Postage Due and Missing Stamp Mail. Tony Stanford then displayed British Levant 40 paras Surcharges on QV 2.5d envelopes and halfpenny stamps with forgeries. Rex Dixon finished with part of a larger display of German Postage Due and why they were charged.

March 1

This evening was an auction for club funds with Tony Simmonds as Auctioneer and everyone brought something to be sold. 9 members attended.

February 15

This meeting at White Waltham was attended, again, by six members. Eddie Spicer showed SCADTA Colombian Airmails. Mike Caulfield showed some Polish regional issues of 1918-19. Tony Stanford displayed a part of his display of Irish overprints commemorating Irish Independence. Tony Lyford showed us some 1860's Danish covers, parcel cards and postcards etc. and Tony Simmonds put up some Nigerian meter marks.

February 9

Six members attended this Zoom meeting with Rex Dixon showing German Nothilfe stamps and their use 1931-1935. Tony Simmonds then showed some odd and unusual modern Maidenhead items.

February 1

This meeting at White Waltham was attended by six members who all brought something to show. First was Rex Dixon with Germany Corrected Covers followed by Tony Stanford with GB Government Parcels Overprints. Mike Caulfield then showed Poland and NZ etc. recently aquired. Ivan Dickason showed some low value blocks from various countries and Tony Lyford showed the latest issues from Denmark. Tony Simmonds finished with Mexican revenues on Piece plus a Port Said hotel postcard and a GB slogan cover.

January 26

Three members attended this Zoom meeting where Tony Simmonds displayed another selection of Maidenhead Postal History including Ephemera.

January 12

Eight members attended this Zoom meeting with Rex Dixon showing Germany Posthorns and their Postal Rate Uses. Tony Simmonds showed Maidenhead Postal History and Tony Stanford showed Postal Stationery Registered Envelopes used in Tangier.

January 5

Seven members were on line for this Zoom meeting. Rex Dixon showed The Hultschin Area - A Quick Survey. Then Tony Simmonds showed Nigerian First Day Covers 1973-1980.




December 29

Three members only were present for this Zoom meeting in which Tony Simmonds gave a display of Maidenhead Postal History items.

December 22

Eight members were present at this Zoom meeting. Rex Dixon showed Germany - Infringement of Postcard Regulations. Eddie Spicer showed The First Christmas Stamps of USA 1962-1970. Rex Dixon then showed Christmas in Germany and Tony Simmonds finished with Christmas Stamps and Labels From Around the World.

December 15

Four member attended this Zoom meeting with Eddie Spicer showing his final display of Catapult mail - 1935. Tony Stanford showed some scarce Morocco Agencies Covers and Postal Stationery and Tony Simmonds displayed some sheets of Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank perfins from Hong Kong, GB, Straits Settlements, China, India, Siam and Indo-China.

December 7

Only four members turned up for this meeting. Eddie Spicer showed USA commemoratives 1924-1929 and Tony Simmonds showed some more GB Slogan Postmarks. Still we all had a nice little chinwag with some refreshments.

November 24

Six members attended this Zoom meeting. Tony stanford presented The Queen Victoria Unappropriated Die Revenues of Cyprus. Rex Dixon showed Hultschin - part of Czechoslovakia that was German before 1918. Tony Simmonds showed the Nigerian definitives of GVI to the animal set of 1965.

November 16

Nine members attended this meeting at White Waltham Village Hall. Tony Stanford showed the various routes of Imperial Airways from Kuwait and Bahrain. Rex Dixon showed North German Confederation,German Empire and The Treaty of Versailles. Keith Hatch showed some German Feldpost and WWII in Tunisia. Mike Caulfield put up some covers dated 18th May, his birthday. Eddie Spicer showed USA 1934 National Parks. Rodney Gudger showed Post Office Training Stamps.Tony Simmonds finished with GB Slogan Postmarks 1967-72.

November 10

Tony Stanford started this Zoom meeting with The Development of Imperial Airways Airmail Services in the Arabian Gulf. Eddie Spicer then showed The 1934 Catapult Season. Rex Dixon finished with The German Occupation of Slovenia.

October 27

This Zoom meeting was started by Nigel Vicker with a display Of GB Queen Elizabeth covers. Rex Dixon then showed some postmarks of a small part of Austria taken by the Germans in WWII. Eddie Spicer displayed German Catapult Mail of 1933. Tony Simmonds concluded with Boy Scout meter marks from across the world.

October 19

Meeting at White Waltham Village Hall.

First to show was Rodney Gudger with The Children's Newspaper which included Railway Poster stamps with each issue During 1934 and 1935. Eddie Spicer then showed USA Philatelic Exhibition Stamps followed by Tony Lyford with Faroe Islands stamps from 1975 to 1986. Tony Stanford showed Covers from Kuwait and Bahrain during the development of Imperial Airways services in the Arabian Gulf. Tony Simmonds finished with all the basic overprinted stamps of British Levant plus some postal stationery of that area.

October 13

There were five members in attendance for this Zoom meeting with Tony Stanford starting off with Early Arabian Gulf Mail and concluding with Tony Simmonds and his display of Nigerian Inward Mail of the 1950's and 1960's from the rest of the world.

October 5

Our third physical meeting was commenced with Keith Hatch showing items from his Churchill collection. Rodney Gudger then showed us the evolution of the self-adhesive stamp. Tony Stanford displayed The Oil Rivers and Niger Company Territories. Rex Dixon showed covers from the eight German States. Tony Lyford gave us Iceland 1935-1968. Eddie Spicer was our penultimate displayer with United States Liberty Issues and to finish the evening Tony Simmonds showed some GB Slogan Postmarks.

September 29

Seven members zoomed in for this meeting and Eddie Spicer started with The 1933 Catapult Season, followed by Rex Dixon with his final display of The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia. Then Tony Stanford showed some recently written-up covers of Morocco Agencies.

September 21

Our second physical meeting attended by only six members - all who had something to show starting with Tony Lyford with Denmark Postal Deliveries, then Keith Hatch with Stanley Spenser. Rodney Gudger showed Postal Strike Covers and showed us his new book on this subject, Eddie Spicer showed Columbia Jusqu'a Markings and Tony Stanford displayed The Dollard Overprints of Ireland in 1922. Tony Simmonds finished with Nigerian 1966 Internal Registered Mail.

September 15

Four members were in attendance for this Zoom meeting. Tony Stanford commenced with part 1 of a display of  The GB overprints of Ireland. Tony Simmonds then showed Postmarks, Flaws and Varieties on Nigerian Stamps of 1980-86 followed by GB Halfpenny Bantams, all issued plates on Covers.

September 7

This night was our first physical meeting since March 2020 and 12 members were in attendance. After some club business Rex Dixon started the displays with Germany Winter Relief 1937-8. Then Tony Stanford showed British Levant EVII issues. Following that Rodney Gudger showed some stamps engraved by Czeslaw Slania, with Robert Gathergood with a Madeira display. Don Else showed Red Cross covers and Eddie Spicer put up some pages of USA Washington/Franklin issues. Tony Simmonds finished with Mexico Renta Interior Revenues.

September 1

We had seven members present for this meeting where club finances were initially discussed and then Tony Stanford showed his display of Bechuanaland Protectorate with maps, covers and stamps within the period 1900-1933.

August 18

Seven members were present for this Zoom meeting. Tony Stanford showed Brian Fennemore's Bechuanaland to 1900 including Stellaland. Then Rex Dixon showed some German covers with various cancels where the stamps were not cancelled by the originating office.

August 4

There were six members present at this meeting. Tony Stanford was first with a Powerpoint display of Military Telegraphs followed by Eddie Spicer with a continuation of the 1932 Catapult Mail. Tony Simmonds finished up with GB George V Advertisement Booklet Panes.

July 21

Six members were present for this meeting and Tony Stanford showed his display The Use of The KGV Photogravure Issues in the Morocco Agencies followed by Eddie Spicer with The 1932 Catapult Season with Alan Beaven following up the rear with Don't Rely on the Postmark with some Postcard Anomalies.

July 7

Three members only were present for this meeting due to the England v Denmark match that was on TV that evening. Tony Simmonds showed some recently written up Nigerian WWII Censor Covers.

June 23

Eight members attended this meeting. Eddie Spicer was first with a continuation of his 1931 Catapult Season. Tony Stanford then showed some more of his Gulf display with Rex Dixon finishing with more of his Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39.

June 9

Just four members were present for this meeting. Tony Stanford showed his second part of Zululand Key Types, Fiscal Use and Cancellations. Eddie Spicer then showed The 1931 Catapult Season and Rex Dixon showed some more sheets of The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39.

May 26

Eddie Spicer was first with Catapult Mail of 1930 followed by Rex Dixon with his display of The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39. Tony Simmonds then finished with Nigerian WWII Censor Covers.

May 12

Tony Stanford started the evening with Zululand, Eddie Spicer - Catapalt Mail and Tony Simmonds had some Early Nigerian Airmails. Andy Mydellton had joined us for this meeting because of his interest in Zululand.

April 28

Tony Stanford started the evening with some Gulf sheets including Revenues and Tony Simmonds showed British Levant and Robert Gathergood has a few pages of modern slogan postmarks.

April 14

This evening Tony Stanford showed some more Morocco Agencies and Tony Simmonds showed some more Mexican Postal Cards.

March 31

This, our third Zoom meeting was attended by 6 members starting at the usual time of 7.30pm and started with Tony Stanford who showed Morocco Agencies followed by Eddie Spicer with The SCADTA Airmail Service of Colombia and Tony Simmonds finished up with Nigeria Postal Rates 1961-1973.

March 17

Our second Zoom meeting was attended by 6 members commencing at 7.30pm.

Eddie Spicer showed 'SCADTA Colombian Airmails' followed by Tony Simmonds who displayed 'Mexico Postal Cards 1879-1883' and 'Civilian Use of GB in Smyrna 1919-1922'.

March 3

This was our very first Zoom meeting hosted by Tony Simmonds and attended by seven members which, after a few hitches went very well. There were presentations by Rex Dixon with 'German Post Buses' - Tony Stanford with 'Admiralty Official Mail' and Tony Simmonds with 'GB used in Constantinople' and 'Nigeria 1936 Un-adopted Designs'.




The Maidenhead & District Philatelic Society meets at 7.45 for 8.00 pm twice on the first and third Tuesday of each month at White Waltham Parish Hall, Waltham Road, SL6 3SG, just outside Maidenhead. Meetings usually finish at about 10.00 pm if not before and rarely after.


New members are welcome and please feel free to come along to any meeting with no obligation to join. Membership is open to all types of collector from novices to the advanced and the society caters for a wide range of philatelic interests. Our members collect Great Britain, Commonwealth, Foreign, Postal History and Thematic subjects and a lot else.


Some meetings normally take the form of a short introduction followed by a talk by a guest speaker or member on a particular area of collecting and others feature short displays by members on a specific theme or topic, in either case with a half-time break for coffee and a chat. Please see our programme for the wide range of subjects covered.


Subscriptions are a modest £10.00 per annum which enables members to attend all of the society meetings and to buy stamps at competitive prices from the circulating packet.


If you would like further information please see our Contact Us page.





       Members present on November 24                              Page from Rex Dixon's display Nov 24


Mike Williams with his display of Developement of the Motor Car on January 7

Tony Lyford with his display of Denmark Border movements on January 7

January 21 Open competition - 1st Alan Beaven with 'Johnson, Frank 1894-1918'.

January 21 Cinderella:- 1st, Eddie Spicer with 'American Philatelic Society Souvenir Exhibition Labels'.

February 4 Roger Bye with Fiscal and Revenue Stamps of the USA on Green night

Alan Beaven with GB stamps issued in the colour green.

Rex Dixon receiving a vote of thanks from the Hon. Sec. Keith Hatch

February 18 Rex Dixon with two displays - 'Maidenhead Post Offices' and 'Germany 1933-39

Tim Harrison who showed us his display of 'Estonia to 1945' on Ma rch 3 2020

Tim Harrison Receiving a vote of thanks from our Hon. Treasurer Eddie Spicer.


Attendees at the meeting on 31 March 2021


Eddie Spicer's display of SCADTA Airmail Service of Colombia.


Attendees at the meeting on 12 May 2021

Tony Stanfords display of Zululand on 12 May 2021

Tony Simmonds display of Early Nigerian Airmails on 12 May 2021

Eddie Spicer's display of Catapalt Airmails on 12 May 2021

ZoomMeetingRexDixonDisplayA2021-05-29 (6).png
2021-07-06 (13).png
2021-07-06 (12).png
2021-07-06 (5).png
2021-07-06 (8).png
2021-07-07 (1).png
2021-07-07 (2).png
2021-07-21 (18).png
2021-07-21 (25).png
ZoomMeetingAttendeesA2021-05-29 (2).png

Rex Dixon's display of The Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39 on May 26 2021.

Attendees at the meeting on 26 May 2021.

Attendees at the meeting on 9 June 2021.

Tony Stanford's display of Zululand Key Types 9 June 2021.

Rex Dixon showing more of his Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia 1938-39 (23 June 2021).

Attendees at the meeting on 23 June 2021.

Tony Simmonds with some Nigerian WWII Censor Covers on 7 July 2021.

Attendees at the meeting on 7 July 2021.

Tony Stanford showed his display The Use of The KGV Photogravure Issues in the Morocco Agencies on 21 July 2021.

Attendees at the meeting on 21 July 2021.

2021-08-05 (5).png
2021-08-05 (14).png

Tony Stanford's display of Military Telegraphs on 4th August

Members present on 4th August

2021-08-20 (7).png
2021-08-20 (14).png

Tony Stanford's display of Brian Fennemore's Bechuanaland on 18th August.

Rex Dixon's display of German cancels on 18th August

2021-09-02 (10).png

Members present on September 1

Tony Stanford with his display of Bechuanaland Protectorate on September 1.

Gulf Early POs-sheet 16.jpg
Gulf Early POs-sheet 1_edited.jpg
Gulf Early POs-sheet 10_edited.jpg

Three pages from Tony Stanford's Zoom display on October 13

2021-11-26 (19).png
2021-11-26 (9).png

Tony Stanford's display of Morocco Agencies covers on 15 December.

Tony Simmond's display of HSBC perfins on 15 December.

2021-12-16 (4).png
2021-12-16 (6).png